You Never Have to Chase Women Again | Brent Smith | Full Length HD

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Brent Smith breaks down how to stop competing with other men for women. He lays out a new perspective that encourages men to break out of the scarcity mentality, and become comfortable with women chasing them.

In the full length edition, you will learn:

– Why guys feel like they need to have some amazing story of seducing the girl.
– How to become a guy who is chase-able, instead of having to chase.
– A critical mindset shift that will help you get more women with less effort.

About the speaker:

Brent Smith is a dating & lifestyle expert who believes in the disruptive approach to how men traditionally meet women.

He was an early inspiration for David DeAngelo’s “Double Your Dating” series and has gone on to teach thousands of men around the world his counter-intuitive approach to attracting hotter women the lazy man’s way, in the direct, no-nonsense style’s known for.

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