How to Meet Women who like you – What Most Dating Coaches are Missing | Becoming FEARLESS

Finding and meeting women who are attracted to you becomes much easier when you get out of your analytical mind and become more conscious of the animalistic feelings & emotions all around you.

Sex, relationships, and creativity coach Ruwan Meepaga ( talks about what “getting out of your head” and analytical mind and getting INTO “feeling means” in this clip from episode #9 of “Becoming FEARLESS.”

See the full episode: Meet & Attract Women the Most Natural Way: Trust your Gut – Ruwan Meepagala | Becoming FEARLESS – Ep 9

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It’s about becoming more present and aware of the environment around us and getting back to our animal instincts and gut feelings that can seem “magical” or mystical at first but is really just a natural feature of mammals…when we stop being distracted by all the info and data stimuli around us these days, and stop overthinking it.

Meepagala ran the first “Masculine Underground” seminar in New York City in the summer of 2015. His written work has appeared in numerous publications, including Psychology Today,, The Good Men Project, and Orgasm Daily.

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