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How to date a girl – 3 Things Women Hate To Feel On Dates With Men is a short video about several key mistakes that often stop men from getting somewhere with women they date. They’re often unconscious habits that prevent them from getting the girl and making the date a success.
Dating women is tricky because of course just like men women have been on dates before, and most of them have led to nothing. So it’s normal for her to look out for signs that will show her what she can expect from you in the future. Is it always fair? No. But is it logical? yes. So you’re under the microscope and so is she. In this video you’ll learn practical tips on what to avoid when you’re dating a girl and what do focus on when you’re dating a girl. I hope it will help you to date women confidently and help you avoid the crucial behavioural mistakes that make it hard for women to relax around you on dates.

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