First Date Tips For Men | 4 Mind Blowing Dating Tips in 3 Minutes)

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►►► A lot of guys ask me: “Michael, give me your best first date advice” and it varies so much from guy to guy, it really depends on your strengths and weaknesses and your ‘blindspots’. But that aside here are some universal first date tips that I truly believe the majority of guys need to hear:

1) Ask Risque Questions – She doesn’t want you to be safe. She wants you to be a risk taker and feel like she’s going on a date with someone who is special and different.
2) Allow her to emotionally invest – Don’t be obsessed with trying to talk or demonstrating how cool you are through your stories. While this is good it’s better to let her talk and invest in you.
3) Choose a date place or activity where you feel like king
4) Be direct in asking for a follow up date

Comment Question: What’s your best advice for a great first date?

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