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From Book 1: The Building of a Confident Man: How to Create Self Esteem and Become More Attractive to Womenfinally! A confidence building guide for the average guy to Crush the shyness and anxiety that comes with approaching women by raising self esteem. Do you lack the self esteem to pick up and attract women? Are you frustrated that you have no self confidence to ask out that gorgeous co worker?hi I’m Gregg and write Best Sellers!attracting Women Revolves Around One Dominant Building Block Confidencelearn My Single Most Amazing Tip To Double Your Confidence In Just 2 Hours Chapter 10confidence is Gold. Women lust for men with high self how do we gain these illusive traits?we Become a Man of Valuefinding your dream and pursuing it like a honey badger makes you a man of value. Most men let life dictate their next move. The Building of a Confident Man will change this. Your life will explode with opportunities and the Benefit?women!what if you could dial up ten more degrees on your confidence chart? This might make the difference of asking for a girls number.twenty degrees? This could have you approaching a girl mid-day.thirty degrees and beyond? This could have you ruling the night in South Beach!building self esteem and confidence is a slow, gradual process. But given the proper tools, confidence builds and will domino. Negative thoughts flow out of the mind and the positive ones set in.what if we had a simple guide that could erase the years of negativity thats been thrown at us? A complete set of exercises that could shift our thoughts?now we do!the book is geared towards confidence with women but will have a profound effect on your personal life too. My readers have had superb results with this book You will too.success with Women Starts with Our Inner Gamethe Building of a Confident Man digs deep into the male psyche. This confidence book quiets ourselves down and prepares our minds to accept change using techniques like:affirmationsdesensitizationpassage meditationcreating a game plan to instill empowering beliefs dailychanging your mindset from beta to alphadeleting self defeating behavior through displacementdeveloping personal transformation skills for mate seekingexamining why our physical health boosts self esteemno matter your looks. No matter your age. The Building of a Confident Man will pave the way for approaching, meeting, attracting and dating quality women when and where you desire